7/29/2016 - I accidently the entire database, if you are having login issues please contact me (see footer for contact info).

Is this project affiliated with the offical LoE team?

No, as said on the home page, this is a completely seperate project using their client and should not be connected to them in any way outside of that.

How did this project start?

The first instance of the LoE private servers appeared on a 4chan /mlp/ thread disucssing the January 2014 OSW, where a talented programmer by the name of mlkj announced that they had a way to host the game after it had officially shut down. Naturally many clung to that idea and started the first organized private server as the server itself, which was written in C++, received updates. Eventually, more hosts sprung up and died until eventually I ended up hosting with mlkj's server, but shortly after decided to write my own in C#, as well as a website to accompany it which led to where it is now.

The server says I must read the rules before playing

This is pretty self explanatory, but for more clear instructions, simply log on if you have not already here and then go to the rules page here to read and accept the rules.

I can't login / The chatbox is missing, what do I do?

Due to how LoE stores persistent data, you must clear your LoE data path to switch versions of the client. Simply delete the folder at the path %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\LoE (On windows, other platforms vary, contact me for help with that) and restart the game.

Where is everybody?

Generally, the server is most active during the day in general American time, as most of the active community (which is not very large to begin with) is awake. During the night things may be very inactive, but just give it time and people will return.

How do I get items?

At the moment, there are no NPCs coded into the server yet, so you may request an item or peice of clothing ingame to a moderator.

How can I tell who is a moderator?

Moderators are identified by a red M next to their name, while admins have a white A. You should always abide by anything these individuals say as they are normally right about LoE related buisness. If you feel a paticular moderator is abusing their power or breaking any of the rules here, feel free to contact me here.

Are there any ways to participate in the community?

Yes, this server has a steam group which you can join, as well as a Skype chat which you can possibly be invented to if you play the game regularly. If you have any further questions about such things, ask an ingame moderator or active player.

I found a bug, what do I do to report it?

You can contact me again here, or tell some moderator ingame and it's likely to get to me to fix.

How can I help?

I have not had much help with this project as I prefer generally to work solo, but if you wish to contact me, you can find my contact information here. In general however, you do not even have to be a programmer to help with the community, anyone can praticipate and "help" the community grow and survive by simply engaging in roleplay or conversation with other players.