7/29/2016 - I accidently the entire database, if you are having login issues please contact me (see footer for contact info).

Updater Downloads

The updater for the private server has been specifically designed to work on all platforms and easily download and patch the current client as well as being the recommended way to play. Simply download the updater below, extract the updater files to a folder with a program such as 7-zip, run the LoEUpdater.exe file (As admin too if possible) to check for updates and follow the on screen instructions by pressing keys on your keyboard (y/n for yes/no options, 0-9 for list options). Next, navigate to the newly formed LoEClient folder, and run the game! If the game ever becomes outdated at a point (you will be notified on login if your version isn't compatible), close the game and run the updater again. Do note that this updater is expiermental and has only been tested on Windows, if you expierence any problems, you can always manually download and patch the game below or read the Installation Trouble section for common bugs below.

LoE Updater v1.0

Download Size MD5 Sum SHA1 Sum
All Platforms 191 KB 87AB3F768CF1752CBFD32410509E3373 3AB085BA016B87A18B0977F3398F00F2D55BB695

Manual Downloads

If you wish to patch a client yourself if the updater is not working or you are concerned with what is specifically being changed, the current clients being used as well as the assembly patch files are found below. To patch a client manually, first download a client that matches your platform from the links below and extract it to a folder. Next, download the assemblies also found below, and extract these into a folder as well. Finally, you must patch the client by moving the DLLs you now have to the Managed folder in the LoE Client. This folder is located in different locations depending on the client:

Upon moving, you should be prompted somehow to replace files, as all the files contained within the assemblies download are modified versions of the original LoE client's. Afterwards, you can play the game normally, but in the event of another patch coming out, you may need to replace these yet again.

LoE Client v20150410

Download Size MD5 Sum SHA1 Sum
Windows 32bit 429 MB D5DE5C86887588E39CF6D90BF6F78570 4D5E01D70516F7B2EDD1F8BB4D3A321D3BA4B689
Windows 64bit 430 MB F0DEBD214A7388D464B8DAB03999C271 440F111659078DE30C5E83475B19FDC8890510B3
OSX Universal 435 MB 423D49B4F09B8CFE372F9AD86BCC4CEA 633A4F4386E85F81B4CEEC90155EB1996B1D8562
Linux Universal 435 MB 7E421B5CB91F968DFC0F15F0B8828F2C 0F9D2FB4E554532B69B830BF42BE24C510BE612B

LoE Assemblies v2

Download Size MD5 Sum SHA1 Sum
Raw Assemblies 1.02 MB A4A6D9E33B0E9D02573E160DBDC748AF 2BBC66C6E560576C1466AD641226C19CB0D3CD70

Installation Trouble

One common problem with the launcher is that it crashes while trying to update the game. Currenly the cause of this is unknown, but running as administrator may help if it is an I/O related error. There are also various problems related to LoE crashing before getting into game, one common cause of this is having AVG antivirus installed and for some reason it conflicts with LoE to cause the crash. If you have a problem that is not listed here, check out the FAQ or contact me.