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What is this?

This is one piece of a project to serve the game Legends of Equestria to users who do not wish to wait for the extremely small gameplay windows of the official servers or deal with the rather strict moderation there as well. In addition to this, extra functionality has been added server-side for activities such as roleplaying and ease of use. Do note that this server is not affiliated with the official game, which can be found here, in any way.

What goes on in the server?

Generally, due to the lack of any extensive gameplay content from the game itself, most active users participate in roleplay or other forms of social activities to either build character or continue a pre-existing story. While there are other things to do in the game as stated previously such as exploring, they tend to lose their entertainment value rather quickly after playing as long as some players have been.

How can I play?

To play on this private server, two things are required. Firstly, you need a user account to play seperate from the official game's account system. You can register one here, no personal information is required and all passwords are hashed securely in the database. Secondly, you need to acquire a patched client via the launcher (easiest option) or by manually downloading a patched client and patching it yourself. More detailed instructions and download links can be found here. Before you play, you should also check out the rules page here to know which rules (while few) are expected to be followed and will be enforced by moderators. Finally, launch the game, log in, and have fun!

Are there any other things I should know?

If you want some more information about the game or have any trouble, check out the FAQ, or contact me personally at one of these options. Most of the in-game community will generally be happy to help answer your question if I am not available and it is not listed in the FAQ.